How to Effectively Keep Algae Out Of Your Rainwater Tanks

How to Effectively Keep Algae Out Of Your Rainwater Tanks

How to Effectively Keep Algae Out Of Your Rainwater Tanks

24 April 2020
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The presence of algae in water has the effect of increasing its alkalinity. The increased alkalinity, in turn, may reduce the effectiveness of some agricultural inputs and chemicals, compromising healthy plant growth. It, therefore, becomes crucial to keep algae out of your rainwater tanks.

What then can you do to ensure that the quality of the gallons of water in your rainwater tanks is not compromised? Here are a few tips.

1.      Block out The Light

For starters, go for all-around opaque-coloured rainwater tanks. The dark colour effectively blocks out the sunlight. Apart from the tank itself, also ensure that you choose piping and fittings that are impervious to the sun.

You should also consider positioning the tank under shade. The other alternative is to install your rainwater tanks underground, and particularly if you live in an area where it is hot most, or all year long.

2.      Keep the Catchment Area Clean

Now and again, and more so before the rainy season, do a thorough clean of your roof gutters. A light sweep should be able to remove leaves on your roof as well as clear any algae growth present.

The roof algae may end up in your rainwater tanks, and if the conditions are right, it will thrive and become a bigger problem.

3.      Treat Your Water

Chlorination is quite effective in stopping algae growth. The big question, however, is always on how much to use. With a 5000-gal water tank, for example, how much chlorine is enough? Vendors with rainwater tanks for sale may be in a position to advise you on the best chlorine: water ration to use.

The bottom line, however, remains that chlorinating the water in your rainwater tanks will not render it unsafe or otherwise, not suitable for irrigation purposes.

4.      Clean Out Your Tanks

Instead of having to resolve chemicals to get rid of algae, best to ensure that you clean out your rainwater tanks to prevent the algae growth in the first place. Frequent cleaning may not be practical, but what you can do is to give your tanks a good clean out when you deplete what's stored.

As outlined, keeping algae out of your rainwater tanks is something you can achieve. Carefully consider your options when choosing a water tank, keep algae from the rainwater catchment area, treat the water, clean your tank when you can, and you can look forward to algae-free water storage. 

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