Precision Agriculture: How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Farm

Precision Agriculture: How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Farm

Precision Agriculture: How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Farm

11 December 2020
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If you are looking to increase production on your farm without expanding your land, you should think about incorporating technology into your agricultural operations. The use of precision agriculture products can help you maximise the total output from your fields. Usually, this involves the utilisation of hardware, software and information technology in decision making. In simple terms, these elements will help you identify shortcomings in your operations and rectify the issues for higher production. Here are simple guidelines to help you get started with precision agriculture.

Monitor the Farm

Enhanced monitoring is crucial if you would like to break away from traditional farming. Often, losses and inefficiencies in agricultural operations occur because most problems in the fields are discovered in advanced stages. Consequently, there is insufficient time to make appropriate corrections and save the crop. If you have advanced monitoring systems, you will always be aware of potential issues in your farm before they result in significant losses. The easiest approach for keeping an eye on your land is using drones. These devices will give you an aerial view of the operations and minimise the demand for labour.

Use Variable Systems

It is advisable to think about using a variable approach in farming. In simple terms, you should not assume that your agricultural fields are homogenous blocks of land. Usually, different parts of the farm will have varying properties with regard to factors like soil fertility, moisture retention and light exposure. If you assume that the farm is homogenous, you will notice inconsistencies in production. Moreover, there will be an inefficient use of resources. Therefore, you should think about incorporating variable systems for irrigation, fertiliser delivery and even seeding. This will deliver water, nutrients and seeds by taking into account the conditions in different parts of the farm.

Install Sensors

Sensors are indispensable in precision agriculture. These devices provide information about the farm that would be difficult to monitor otherwise. For instance, data on soil moisture, ground compaction, pest infestation and soil fertility can be difficult to collect consistently. If you install sensors, you will have real-time information with these details. Consequently, you will be able to respond with corrective measures immediately. Sensors will help you improve the efficient utilisation of resources such as water and fertilisers. Over time, the operational costs on your farm will reduce.

Finally, you should note that the different elements in precision agriculture must be integrated for ideal results. Therefore, plan for proper management and storage of the data collected for thorough analysis and long-term use.

To improve how your farm runs, look for precision agriculture products.

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