3 FAQs About Dog Food

3 FAQs About Dog Food

3 FAQs About Dog Food

20 May 2021
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People buy dogs for petting and security. If you plan on buying one, you need to know the food your dog needs to stay healthy and strong. What works for a German shepherd may not work for a Pit Bull, so if you keep different dog breeds, don't feed them the same food. 

However, choosing the right dog food is not always easy. Here are few frequently asked questions about dog food and their answers to get you started.

1. What Nutritional Values Should You Focus on When Buying Dog Food?

The best and easiest way of selecting the right food for your dog is by understanding the nutritional values to look for. Generally, the nutritional value depends on the dog's size, age, and species. For example, a puppy would require nutrients formulated for a growing dog. 

Ideally, you should read the food can to find out the nutrients therein. Some containers have the words 'complete and balanced,' which makes shopping easier. An essential nutrient that you must include in dog food is omega-3 oils. They protect your pup from arthritis and allergies. Moreover, they rejuvenate their skin and boost their energy levels and cognitive abilities. 

2. Which Is the Best Way of Selecting Commercial Dog Food?

Picking the right dog food is like seeking a needle in a haystack due to the many varieties in the market. However, with a few guidelines, you should be able to find one soon enough. Most manufacturers classify dog food based on dog stages, such as growth, adult, or senior stages. However, some formulations are suitable for all ages. 

Always check different brands to see the nutrients they contain. Usually, they are listed from the largest to smallest quantity. Your pet friend requires some vegetables, fruits, and grains on top of meat to ease digestion. But you should avoid soy, corn, and wheat since they are hard to digest.

One of the ingredients you will never miss in dog food is chicken. In most cases, a huge per cent of dog food is chicken. You might also see some written 'chicken Entrée,' 'chicken dinner' or 'chicken platter'. These have a small percentage of beef. If you see 'with chicken', it means the food has a small percentage of chicken. 

3. Are Raw Foods Good for Dogs?

Raw foods can be ground bone, organ or muscle meat, fruits, and raw eggs. According to dog nutritionists, raw dog food promotes clean teeth, healthier skin, a shiny coat, and high energy. Dogs with allergies can also benefit from natural foods. 

Feeding your dog with the right food ensures long life and health. Make sure that you feed them twice daily and seek professional advice when you are unsure of what to give them.

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